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Blockchain Security

We leverage our products and services to use Blockchain to secure bi-directional data transmission from major businesses and government entities to everyday clients requiring and/or desiring NSA level security for the transfer of data.

  • User Credentialling: Our platform can enhance user credentialling by protecting the user credentials in layer of blockchain.
  • User Authenticating: Our platform can use blockchain to add an immutable layer of meta data to protect Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).
  • User Authorization: Our platform can embed a blockchain-enabled layer of meta data to enforce restrictions to assets.
Everything Blockchain Key
Everything Blockchain Lock
  • User Identity Management: Unlike other identity services that get hacked, our platform is used to manage hard credentials like username and password without those common vulnerabilities.
  • Enforcement of Data Integrity and Business Rules: Our platform uses blockchain to ensure an auditable and immutable history of every transaction like revisions to key documents and data.

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