Your data, your rules.
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Welcome to EB Control where you are in control of your data its entire life.

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We ensure your data always stays in your control no matter where it goes or who you share itwith. (Forever).


No more sleepless nights wondering who has your data.


No security expertise needed. Total control in just one click.


Decide who, what, where, when, and how your data is accessed.


Enterprise-grade security available to everyone, anywhere.

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Your data. Your rules.

You decide who, what, when, where and how your data is accessed.

  • Data security for everyone.

  • Your data. Your rules.

  • Own what you share, forever.

  • Recall, restrict, or revoke access from anywhere.

  • Simple and intuitive.

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Control, your way.

All the security without being an expert. Enterprise and government grade security now available for everyone.

  • Total control in just one click
    No need to define rules, manage keys, or know how to code or encrypt.

  • Enterprise-grade security
    Zero knowledge architecture. Not even EB Control can view your data.

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